What's new in "Replace Pioneer" 2.5?
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1. Adds "Drag and Drop" functions for single or multiple file operation, and improve some GUI:


(1)Drag one file from "File Browser" and drop to "Replace Pioneer" icon or "Replace Pioneer Window", file will be open.


-- or --



File is open for editing:




Note: if the file dragged to edit window is a .rst script file, the replace script will be opened.



(2)Drag multiple files from "File Browser" and drop to "Replace Pioneer" icon or "Replace Pioneer Window" or "Batch Runner Window", files will be added to "Batch Runner" window for batch operations.


-- or -- -- or --



Multiple files is selected for batch operations:




(3)Adds progressing dialog for replace operations, and provide more hint when replace expression error.




(4)Context menu for "functions" are grouped by categories.




2. Supports built-in open/save file with HEX byte format:


(1) Open menu "File->Load->Hex Load to Page", file will be open and convert to HEX text format




(2) Open menu "File->Save As->Hex Save to file", the HEX text will convert to byte and save to file



(3) In "Replace" window, user can select "Hex Load" and "Hex Save" as file load/save type.




3. Supports backquote to escape special chars for both search and replace pattern:


(1) In Replace dialog, "Search for pattern" can be escaped by a pair of backquote(`), can also be escaped by a pair of single quote(')


(2) In Replace dialog, "Replace with pattern" can be escaped by a pair of backquote. Note: the double and single quote(" and ') do not need to be escaped like \", \' any more.



(3)Improves Regular Expression support for syntax like (?!...)



4. Adds explicit "ingore cases" and "regular expression off" options in Replace Dialog:



(1) "Ignore cases" option is introduced as a replacement of '@', the legacy '@' can still be used in search pattern for complicated cases.


(2) "Regular Expression" and "Enhanced Regular Expression" options are supported, uncheck both options will turn off special meaning of all the symbols like notepad.


(3)Pattern Builder function is removed since this load.



5. Adds "Link Creator" and "Html_page" download type for batch download operation:


Click "Create Links" in "Batch Runner" window, user can input a Link Template string, where [###] inside the string will be explained as consecutive numbers started from specific value.



Click "Edit" in "Batch Runner", if the "Dowload As" type is selected as "Html_page", the web page file, as well as the ojects on the same web page, will be downloaded.



6. Supports "Append mode" for fast replace on batch files:


Sometimes we need to put the search and replace result from multiple files into one file.


In "Batch Runner" window, click "Fast Replace", you will find you can select "Append" as "Write Mode" to join the files together.




7. Adds and changes some fuctions:


rand_str(N,str1,str2,....strM) ---Select N elements from str1 to strM randomly, and join them to a string, string will be joint by <CR> if N is negative',


rand_str_unique(N,str1,str2,....strM) ---Select N distinct elements from str1 to strM randomly, and join them to a string, string will be joint by <CR> if N is negative',



Adds extract_flag for replace function:


replace(text,pattern,newtxt,[extract_flag:1=extract])---Find the pattern in the text, and replace with newtxt, if extract_flag=1, only keep replaced text',



8. Adds many "batch file rename" templates and "replace" templates:



(1)Batch File Rename templates:



file => newname from index file -- batch rename file from a index file


file => from map file(format: old<tab>new) -- batch rename file from a mapping file


file => random name(001_xxxxx) -- allow you batch add random strings to filename.


file => dirname_file -- help you add folder name before each file


file => dirname_001 -- help you renumber your file inside each subfolder



(2)Adds some "replace template":


Replace all 'RANDOM' to a string with 11 unique letter and digit.


Generate full list of 1 to 100 with random order


Generate full list of 'aaa' to 'zzz' with random order


Shuffle all the chars in the words like: 'hello => elolh'


Shuffle all lines


Extract first line from multiple file


Convert Text to Hex Encoding Bytes of UTF-8



(3)Adds some "Fast Replace" templates:


Remove first line/last line


Add base64encode and base64decode template



9. Fixes some issues like var \1 \2 support in "pattern counter" detail.



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