What's new in "Replace Pioneer" 2.4?
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1. Adds DOC, PDF replace and conversion:



(1)Supports DOC/PDF to text conversion



(2)Supports text replacement in doc/pdf file




2. Adds "conversion" menu and adjust logs/tools menu:


(1) Adds "conversion" menu with following items: Fast_Replace/Change_Encoding/DOC,PDF..Convert/DOC,PDF..Replace



(2) Split "tools" menu to "tools" and "settings" menu, merge "Log" menu into "Replace"








3. Improves Encoding feature:


(1)Support UTF-8-BOM encoding type and conversion



(2)Add Encoding Changed Hint on startup



(3)Fixes issue of UTF-16 encoding error, Adds BOM for UTF-*-LE/BE, UCS-*-LE/BE



4. Improve "Batch Runner" functions:



(1)Improves File Search functions:


* File search adds date and time filter option


* File search adds specific DOC/PDF and binary file




(2)Improves File Rename functions:


* Supports functions(file_line,file_content) to rename file to any part of contents.


* Supports function mp3_info to extract mp3 artist/title




(3)Improves Batch File List Operations:


* Improve file list, supports paste files from browser


* Adds option of "clear list before load new file"



* Improve file list, supports shift-click to select file



5. Fixes some issues:


(1)Resolves issue of batch operation log lost on close


(2)Fixes fast replace fail to handle slash "/" issue


(3)Find/goto supports Ctrl-V to paste, escape to close