What's new in "Replace Pioneer" 2.2?
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1. Introduced batch file "Fast Replace" function inside "Batch Runner":



1) Fast Replace do not need to load file into pages, improve replace speed


2) Fast Replace can support Binary file replace and conversion, such as uuencode/decode.


3) Fast Replace support multiple replacement all at once like "replace a with b, replace c with d, ..."




Added following functions specially for binary replace:









2. Supported Pattern Memory variables for Regular expression:



Pattern Memory variables are \1 \2 \3... or $1 $2 $3..., user can use these variables in every place using Regular Expressions:



* Search for pattern -- (.)\1 will match aa,bb,...


* Replace with pattern -- can use \1 $1 or $var[1], to represent Pattern memory variable in search window.


* If/Run following for each matched unit -- can use $var[1]


* replace() function -- replace($match,'(.)\1','\1') will replace aabbcc to abc


* fast replace dialog "Find" and "Replace" column -- can use \1 and $1 as pattern memory variable.



3. Introduced text generator function:



Text generator is designed to generate lines of text with user defined format and sequence number in each line.


User can open text generator by menu "File->Load->Text Generator".





4. In "Batch Runner", file renaming supported new rules ${FILENAME}<expressions>{n1,n2}, expression can be any combination of string and functions, and filename rule support auto-apply.



Added following function to rename file by modify time, or rename file by extracted html file title.







5. In "Batch Runner", "Extract Link" function supported 2 level extract, and increased website number to 9.





6. In "File" menu, split and append function supported parameters setting dialog, no need to change global settings.



7. Added other functions:








8. Removed fast_chars type



9. Several small other enhancement and bug fix


* fixed issue of pasted text do not clear selection text


* fixed issue of variable values resetting after "run following at beginnig of replace"


* replace() function support multi-line and pattern memory variables


* values changed in "settings" will be saved immediately


* symbol \t and \n will not changed to table and return after re-opening script


* supported opening files directly by dragging file to "Replace Pioneer" shortcut


* changed default value of "Enhanced Regular Expression" to unchecked


* search files added cross line flag


* added default download folder


* changed variable $BASENAME to $FILENAME, changed $FILENAME to $FULLNAME, add variable $BASE


* supported run time changing DIRNAME_OUT and FILENAME_OUT, corresponding to output filename