What's new in "Replace Pioneer" 2.0?
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To improve operability, Replace Pioneer introduces powerful new features since version 2.0:



Make great improvement on batch file replacement:



1. Adds File Searching function, supporting subdirectory searching switch and filename/content/size filter.


2. Adds Webpages Link Extracting function, can extract multiple webpages and operate on the extracted links, supports name filtering.


3. Adds Batch file renaming rules, user can change each file to a new name base on a flexible rule, user can control file sequence, extension, cases and so on, even can change filename to the firstline of file content.


4. Improves Sorting function of batch file/http list. User can sort the list by all columns including InputName/OutputName/DownloadType/InputDirectory/OutputDirectory/Date/Extension


5. Supports Filename list Importing/Exporting function



Adds a separate Batch Runner function, to support non-replacement batch operations including batch downloading:




1. Supporting all features as batch file replacement.


2. Supporting following frequently used operations on multifiles


1) File Renaming


2) File Copying


3) File Downloading, supporting binary file


4) File Merging


5) File Encoding change


3. Supporting Log recording and checking function for all operations



Introduces new split operators and flexible fixed width/lines as words/paragraphs delimiter:


Adds '<', '<<', '<<<' operators, stands for file spliting by bytes/lines, by paragraph, or by column respectively.





Extends the definition of "fixed word width" and "fixed paragraph lines", for instance,


by setting "fixed word width" to 3,3,4,-1, text can be seperated by 3,3,4,-1,4,-1,4,-1,... columns, negative column width means skipped bytes.


by setting "fixed para lines" to 3,3,4,-1, paragraph can be seperated by 3,3,4,-1,4,-1,4,-1,... lines, negative line number means skipped lines.


by setting "split by number of bytes/lines" to 3,3,4,-1, text can be seperated by 3,3,4,-1,4,-1,4,-1,... bytes/lines, negative number means skipped bytes/lines.



Adds following settings for file splitting/backup:


1. File split naming rule. User can set flexible splitted filename.


2. File split by line and bytes supporting. User can split file by customized number of lines or bytes.


3. File overwrite confirm/backup switches.


4. File backup extension setting.



Besides global settings, adds setting page for each individual replace operation including:



1. Word/Paragraph delimiter settings


2. File splitting/backup settings


3. File input/output encoding settings


4. Unix format flag setting



Adds a Powerful "Pattern Builder" function in replace window, to help build a replace pattern:




1. By setting sample text and selecting part of text, system can provide a list of candidate patterns for selection.


2. For each selected pattern, system provides a list of candidate functions for selection.


3. The "Pattern Builder" provide a realtime output sample, the output sample will be automatically changed once the pattern is changed ---WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).



Adds a friendly online function tips for each text window in Replace dialog:



1. When user types a internal function or perl string function in text window, a tips window will appear below to show the function syntax and highlight the matched parameters.


2. If user move mouse point to the tips window, the full function syntax and explanation will appear.



Adds a powerful Encoding Detection tool, which can detect files with any of 74 encoding types:



1. User only need to enter the filename and click start.


2. The system will provide the output sample of all 74 encoding type. By checking the result, user can easily know the encoding type of the file.




Other Change/Improvement:


1. Resolves the major issue of system crash when opening File Open/Save dialog twice.


2. Resolves ignore case caused failure in text replacement.


3. Resolves Non-English filename processing issue


4. Resolves format-changing issue in Html download.


5. Resolves incorrect line counter when replace scope is line.


6. Supports seperator '&' between text and function in "Replace with Pattern" window.


7. Moves 6 confusing options away from text replace window.


8. Adds a function transpose(text,input_delimiter,output_delimiter,col_width1, col_width2, ...).


9. Adds a function replace(text,pattern,newtext).


10. Adds format control parameters fmt1,fmt2,fmt3 for make_batch and make_batch1.


11. Adds a parameters in functions: words, words_r, to allow setting input/output delimiters and column width.


12. Adds a parameter in html_to_link to allow setting basename.


13. Adds popup menu item explanation in "search for pattern" window.