Replace Dialog
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By clicking "Replace", "Replace by selected records", "Replace by script", "Replace by template" user will be brought to this dialog:


There are 4 Pages and a Frame in the Dialog:




Replace Page:



Replace Unit, Replace Scope,


Filter 1 -- Text Pattern Filter,


Filter 2 -- Unit Number Filter,


Filter 3 -- Match Condition Filter,


Print unmatched units Flag and Syntax of Search Pattern(Enhanced Regular Expression)



Scope_Filter Page:



Filter 4 -- Line Pattern Filter,


Filter 5 -- Line Number Filter,


Filter 6 -- Paragraph Pattern Filter,


Filter 7 -- Paragraph Number Filter



Advanced Page:



Insert begin and end text and Run user specified begin and match commands



Settings Page:


Including following 4 parts


1. Word/Paragraph delimiter settings


2. File splitting/backup settings


3. File input/output encoding settings


4. Unix format flag setting


User can make settings in global Settings->Settings menu, and can change the settings for each individual replacement here.


Please refer global settings part: Settings for replace



Input_Output Frame:



Operation Stream(Input->Page_In->Page_Out->Output) and Input/Output file name control



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