Key Features of "Replace Pioneer"
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1. As a search&replace software, support all common functions, including:


1) multi-line find and replace


2) regular expression and unique 'Enhanced Regular Expression'


3) batch file replace, each file can run a sequence of replace commands, or run by script files.


4) find in advance before replace


5) binary file replacement and bytes calculation, multi replace rule definition in one replacement.



2. The "Four Greate Invention" of the software:


1) Find text much more accurate:


Support maximum 7 level filters in pattern match:


1) Paragraph pattern filter: user can select only desired paragraph by pattern matching.


2) Paragraph number filter: among the matched paragraphs, user can select a range to replace.


3) Line pattern filter: user can select only desired line by pattern matching.


4) Line number filter: among the matched lines, user can select a range to replace.


5) Pattern filter: user can find final replace items by this pattern matching.


6) Unit Number filter: among the matched items, user still can select a range to replace.


7) Condition filter: the additional powerful condition filter is to remove unwanted result, make replace more accurate.


2) Replace text much more flexible:


Support user-defined transformation of replace text instead of fixed text. The software can replace the found text with any self-defined conversion, which make it easier to support flexible context-related replacement. A lot of variables and functions are provided to support the conversion.


3) File input/output much more powerful:


Support file spliting and merging in horizontal and vertical direction.


Support Web Page and DOS command result as input file type.


Support UNICODE and Most of the other Encoding types.


4) Operation much more easier and reliable:


Recording and re-running scheme make replace and script creating work much more easier, and detail recorded and highlighted change make software much more reliable.


The flexible file picker/searcher, web page extracter and file renaming rule largely improve operability of batch operations.


The powerful function tips is a great help for both new and advanced user to build up their own replace rules.



3. All functions are seamlessly integrated into one magic "Replace" button:


User can finish multiple type of operations(such as replace and join file)in one step;


The software integrate large amount of examples(templates) into a "Replace by Template" button, covering most users' text processing requirement, which make software much more easier to use.



4. Rich value-added tools and functions:



* Supports DOC/PDF/HTML to text conversion.


* Supports DOC/PDF word replacement.


* The flexible "Pattern Counter" can count user-specified text pattern in any text/binary file or web page.


* The "Encoding Detection" function can help user to detect text encoding type.


* The "Batch Runner" enclosed losts of functions far more than text replacement, such as file searching, web page downloading, file renaming, file merging, encoding conversion.




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