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1. Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll(Main Menu/Popup Menu):


Undo/Redo: Support unlimited numbers of Redo/Undo operations, note that insert or delete large amount of text in one time will cause system slow because of Undo/Redo scheme.


Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll: Shotcuts are Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V/Ctrl+A


2. Find/Goto/Wrap(Main Menu/Popup Menu):


Find: by press Ctrl+F, an edit entry is shown in the bottom of the edit window, fill it and press return, you can find required text.


Find Next/Previous/All: The shotcut for them are F3/Shift+F3/Ctrl+F3


Goto: Ctrl+G will bring you to required line. At the bottom right of the main window, there is a realtime Column and Row indication.


Wrap: Ctrl+W will change the wrap status of current page between On and Off


3. Column Mode/Parenthesis matching(Main Menu/Popup Menu):


Column Mode are implied function, user can select a column of text by dragging mouse with Control Key pressed.


Parenthesis matching: User can check if two Parenthesis match by moving the edit cursor over a parenthesis.


Note: All Edit functions are available not only in page P0 to P15, but also available for all edit windows appearing in User Interface.