Advanced Features

Replace Unit

Replace Scope

Defining a Word

Defining a Paragraph

Range Definition

Write Mode(Overwrite,Append,Column Append)

Write Mode(Split by bytes/chars/lines/files, Split by Paragraph, Split by Column)

Filter 1 -- Text Pattern Filter

Filter 2 -- Unit Number Filter

Filter 3 -- Match Condition Filter

Filter 4 -- Line Pattern Filter

Filter 5 -- Line Number Filter

Filter 6 -- Paragraph Pattern Filter

Filter 7 -- Paragraph Number Filter

Syntax of Search Pattern

Perl Regular Expression

Enhanced Regular Expression

Replace Text Definition


System Variables


Pattern Builder

Print unmatched units Flag

Insert begin and end text

Run user specified begin and match commands

Operation Stream(Input->Page_In->Page_Out->Output)

Input file types

Input/Output file name control

Spliting output text into multi-files(Horizontal and Vertical)

Merging multi-files using batch mode(Horizontal and Vertical)

Batch Mode Operation

File Overwrite confirm/Backup settings

Using Search in advance of Replace

Re-do a replace according to realtime or history log

Check and copy result of replace

Configurations for Logs

Creating and Using scripts

Encoding Detection

Pattern Counter

Batch Runner

Batch Files Selection

Batch File List Operations

Non-replace Batch Operations

Fast Replace Operations

Settings for replace

Usage of Dictionary


My Library