3. Replacing text in a page
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How to Launch Replace:


Select the page where your text is loaded and Click "Replace" button or menu or press Ctrl+H:





You will get following window:



Do following:


1) Enter the text you want to be replaced in "Search for Pattern" window


2) Enter the text you want to replace with in "Replace with Pattern" window


3) Select the Source Page you want to replace


4) Select the Destination Page you want to put result, if Destination page equal to Source Page, Source Page will be overwritten.


5) Click "Replace"


6) If the Replace operation take long time, user can see the progress bar at the bottom of window, and can click "Stop" button to cancel.


After that, you will find:


1. Your result text in the destination page, with all changes highlighted.



2. Your change log in the 'realtime' window in the middle.



3. The change details in the Bottom windows, "Change" Page.