Detailed Feature List


Feature List divided into 5 parts: Operation, Find, Replace, IO and Edit:

1. Support multi-line search and replace
2. Support user defined input and output page stream, user can retry many times before saving to file.
3. Support batch file process for all operations, file can be sorted by name/date/extension
4. Support running of multiple operation commands, or running a script file
5. Support running by templates which covering a lot of typical cases
6. Support recording and re-running of each operation command
7. Support recording of each operation result
8. Support highlight on replaced text
9. Support statistics of each subitem of replace pattern
10. Support search only option

1. Support Regular Expression
2. Support Enhanced Regular Expression, introduce "and/or/not" combinations
3. Support flexible replace Unit: paragraph,line,word,chars and fast_chars
4. Support Filter 1: Only replace in paragraphs matching user specified pattern
5. Support Filter 2: Only replace in paragraphs matching user specified sequence id
6. Support Filter 3: Only replace in lines matching user specified pattern
7. Support Filter 4: Only replace in lines matching user specified sequence id
8. Support Filter 5: Only replace unit matching user specified pattern
9. Support Filter 6: Only replace unit matching user specified sequence id
10. Support Filter 7: Only replace unit matching user defined condition
11. Support very flexible user defined paragraph and word input/output delimiter.

1. Support user defined expressions instead of fixed text
2. Support system variables and Macros in expressions
3. Support system and user defined Macro
4. Support a lot of system functions in expressions
5. Support self defined variables in expression
6. Support adding header and tail with user defined text expression
7. Support running user defined perl commands for each matched unit
8. Support user defined dictionary, which can be used in replacement or condition text.

Input and Output:
1. Support converting file to and from UNICODE and most of the other encoding types
2. Support file pliting and merging in horizontal and vertical direction
3. Support web page as input text and support proxy settings
4. Support DOS command as input text
5. Support output text in DOS or UNIX format

1. Support basic edit function and load/save/find/goto/clear/wrap
2. Support column mode edit
3. Support parenthesis matching
4. Support manual I/O operations for: write mode, encoding, web page, DOS command and dictionary.